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Zhang's Corporate Culture Outline

In the process of its own development, Zhang's attaches great importance to cultivating his own corporate culture, and has invested a lot of energy in building a corporate culture. The current Zhang's culture has been widely recognized by Zhang's employees, and even affects personal values , So it can naturally be reflected in the daily behavior of the organization and employees, which also formed the current organizational atmosphere of Zhang's.

The corporate cultural philosophy: Yesterday, we worked hard to start a business through storms and hardships. Today, we face challenges and make unremitting progress. Tomorrow, we are confident to create more glories.

Company purpose

Create value for customers, create wealth for society, and create opportunities for employees.

Enterprise's goal

Build an international brand, build a social platform, achieve employees, and achieve a century of Zhang's!

Enterprise spirit

Always move forward, never give up!


Corporate creed

You can do well with your heart, hard work will have opportunities, and hard work will have rewards.


Enterprise Platform

Build a complete platform for various management systems to achieve the goals of the company and employees through the company's continuous development; build a sunny and transparent company system to make complicated things simple.


Quality policy

Create perfect quality with heart, and make a little progress every day!

Service philosophy

Take the customer as the center, move the customer with heart!


Creating value for customers is the foundation of Zhang's existence. The team must attach great importance to the information delivered to the company by the departments and colleagues closest to the customer, and most actively respond to the needs of the departments and colleagues closest to the customer.

Move customers with heart: The more difficult it is to satisfy customers' needs, the more surprises and touches they will bring to customers. Exceeding customer expectations can move customers.






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